Artist Statement


In my work I explore the notion of “duality”, an ongoing necessity in order to comprehend my multifaceted cultural identity as an Iranian-American immigrant. My paintings and recent sculptural investigations function as metaphors for the complexities that emanate from such polarized cultural experiences. These works reflect an interest in the fusion of visual conventions of Western abstraction and Persian Art, with an emphasis on the ornamentations of “Tazhib” or the art of illumination. The resulting synthesis evokes allegories of intrusion and invasion, moving beyond the personal and referencing the historical and contemporary sociopolitical conflicts.

In my process, I utilize chance and control to create enigmatic environments where fluid and physical transgressions of paint meet the precisions of the hand. Paint transforms into land, earth, and molten matter as it flows, coagulates, and fissures throughout and beyond the limits of the painting surface, channeling aerial views, maps, and satellite imageries. The explosive passages of pigment and the meticulously painted patterns merge to contemplate the physical and conceptual impermanence of boundaries. This visual dialogue becomes a depiction of the contradictory impulses persistently present in a global context.